A Summer Morning By The Sea

It’s morning, and you’re by the sea with the love of your life.  The gulls are flying overhead, the breakers are splashing as the tide rolls in and the sky overhead attests to the grandness of nature.  Adding to the beauty of the moment is your sweetheart wearing the latest, most attractive sandals you’ve designed for her from Chaco.  They go well with the maxi summer dress she’s wearing as the two of you go strolling along the boardwalk.

A Summer Morning By The Sea

Of course, the sandals my girlfriend were wearing were my present to her as a small gift to express my delight in her coming along on this trip.  After all, we live a good three-hour drive from the seashore.  Her willingness to make this journey with me was something I took as a compliment.  To express my gratitude in a unique way I got her a nice pair of cork-soled sandals for a 35% discount using a Groupon coupon for Chaco.  I had them wrapped and sent to me, and gave them to her when we departed for the coast.  She’d expressed this desire to be there before daybreak; seems she’d always wanted to see the sun rise over the ocean.  I promised her she’d get her chance to “see the Atlantic” since she’d never been east of the Mississippi River.  We hit the road at 2:30 AM.  She brought along a thermos of hot coffee – a wasted effort it turned out because she dozed off before we were on the road ten minutes.

Fortunately, I’d gotten a good sleep so I was wide awake.  And I knew the route, having driven there often when I worked for the steamship company.  I put the car in cruise, sipped from the thermos and headed towards the brightening horizon.  Meanwhile I reminded myself to use a Groupon and get my own pair of sandals since my sneakers looked shabby.  Anyway, we arrived in time to see a liner sail out of the harbor.  We went to the pier and watched the sun rise over the breakers.  She gushed over the view and took lots of photos.  She even convinced a fisherman on the pier to take a shot of us standing together with the sunrise behind us.  It was then I realized how attractive she really was, with her hair in the breeze and her smile so bright in the morning sun.  That smile made every mile driven worthwhile.

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